IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® to see further and faster

IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® to see further and faster

Know Your Customer, this is the watchword for a long time. I agree with the knowledge, but how to do it fast and cheap ? In order to answer to that question, we’ve created a new tool : IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH®.

Let us start from the observation that the demands of KYC, to which we are subjected, are constantly increasing. Certainly, but the sources of information made available to us are also increasingly numerous and more complete.

These sources are of course on the Net where information abounds. You just have to get it in the right place.

It is from this reflection that we started IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® a few months ago, a set of algorithms that sweep public databases to search the information that interests you.

This new function has of course been integrated into IBAKUS®KYC, where it not only allows you to find basic information about a company (Address, RC number, VAT number with validation, official publications, …) but also about shareholders & managers, where the emphasis is on the search for possible negative information.

IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® also includes a consultation of the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance List, which greatly enhances the quality of the search.

By entering the name of a company in IBAKUS®KYC, you get an instant overview of the company itself but also of its executives and even shareholders.

For the legal or financial professional who has to set up a file containing all his clients, it is a simple and fast way to create the knowledge base. Since legal and natural persons are listed, all that is required is to complete the missing data, which are not found on the Net, based on the information gathering policy in force in its entity.

If you set it accordingly, IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® will also perform an automatic and regular watch on your file and notify you by e-mail of the changes it has found.

IBAKUS COMPANY SEARCH® will also be offered as an API to entities that can integrate it into their own application.

It goes without saying that we are constantly seeking for new sources of reliable data and that the number of information sources  that we are consulting is constantly increasing.

The gathering of information is therefore only a question of good organization.

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