Corruption in the world : Transparency International has published his 2016 index

Corruption in the world : Transparency International has published his 2016 index

It has become an annual event for all of us, the new Transparency International corruption index for 2016 has been published recently. This is the opportunity to get an idea about the state of the world from the perspective of corruption. It lists the bad but also the good students of our planet.

Great news, our Danish friends (90/100) are no longer alone at the top, they are joined by New Zealand (90/100). Nice effort of the Kiwis.

As in the past, the Scandinavian countries have the highest ranking together with Singapore (7 ° – 84/100) and the Netherlands (8 ° – 83/100).

A more than honourable 10th position (out of 176) of the Grand Duchy (81/100), which, together with the United Kingdom and Germany, is obviously one of the good students. A little further down the list is Belgium (15 ° – 77/100) and France (23 ° – 69/100).

Comments flourished on the Web after the publication of the list and one thing irritated me. The press echoed the publication of the TI list and commented extensively  on the corrupt Arab countries. Oh, really? The Arab Emirates are in 24th position (66/100), just behind France, Qatar being in the 31st place (61/100). This shows that subtlety and nuance have not reached all of the journalistic circles yet.

In our approach to risk assessment, our IBAKUS®KYC application first refers to the FATF list and then to the Transparency list. For us, an initial risk exists for countries that obtain less than 50/100 in TI and a very high risk is attributed to the countries obtaining less than 25/100.

It should be noted, therefore, that several member countries of the European Union receive less than 50/100: Croatia (55 ° – 49/100), Hungary and Romania (57 ° – 48/100), but also and especially Italy (60 ° – 47/100). Among the EU countries at the bottom of the list are Greece (69 ° – 44/100) and, finally, Bulgaria (75 ° – 41/100).

As we head towards the bottom of the list, also note Russia and Ukraine, at the same level (131 ° – 29/100).

And the top 3 of the worst is not a surprise with North Korea (174 ° – 12/100), South Sudan (175 ° – 11/100) and eternal last, Somalia 176 ° with 10/100.

All this makes us think. For those who would like to view the entire list, it is available on the website of Transparency International.

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