ACAMS 12th Annual Meeting in the shadow of the Big Ben

ACAMS 12th Annual Meeting in the shadow of the Big Ben

The great party of the AML, ACAMS 12th Annual Meeting closed its doors last night and calm fell on the QEII Centre in Westminster.

We were nearly 200 participants looking for an empty spot to sit down and listen to a particular speaker (male and female!), crossing paths at the buffets and wringing our necks to look at our respective badges in the pursuit of an interesting contact or just to find out who was right in front of us.

There was the meeting with a charming banker from Luxembourg, Belgians on the lookout, a multitude of bankers with diverse backgrounds preoccupied with the issues of screening of operations, and a glib police officer from Sweden on a reconnaissance mission. Well, networking in the roughest form, the pleasure to interact with people you would never have imagined meeting …

Dow Jones was there, obviously.

Michel Vansimpsen standing before the Dow Jones booth at the ACAMS 12th Annual Meeting
Interesting encounters at the Dow Jones booth, to my extreme horror, some had never heard of IBAKUS®KYC. But they were few. I made a point to correct this deficiency!

Dow Jones, always at the forefront, now offers a specific list relative to the Panama Papers.

Recurrent preoccupations

Interesting conferences from which emerged the issue of “who is my client, who is the economic beneficiary”. All approaches go in the same direction, but none is more advanced than others. I will devote a future post about this issue that I find particularly interesting.

Frankly, there are variations and subtleties that I discovered.

The origin of funds, a major concern during the ACAMS 12th Annual Meeting

During a session, we felt the dawning dismay of some bankers around the question of the origin of customers’ funds.

The lecturers had a voting system which allowed you to participate via SMS. The picture below struck me as particularly eloquent.

Results of a survey highlighting the difficulty in establishing the origin of client funds

To this regard as well, I will devote a specific post.

Voilà two very exhausting, but so rewarding days!

See you all in London next year !!

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