Terrorism financing : what we learned from recent events

Recent events have unfortunately pulled terrorism and terrorism financing back up our list of concerns. We all talk a lot about the events that occurred, each with our own analysis of how we got to where we are, but very little is said of the financing of terrorism per se, and of its sinister henchmen….

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The 4th Directive for dummies

Using a title like this one: “The 4th Directive for Dummies” is obviously meant to provoke ! That’s just my intention. In general, this blog deals with subject matters that can be quite tedious, so a few tongue-in-cheek comments here and there can’t hurt. The 4th Directive : where are we coming from ? The…

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For the entrepreneur’s peace of mind !

It’s an occurrence observed daily: the peace of mind of an entrepreneur is constantly eaten at by all the responsibilities that keep being piled onto him. Be it in the courts of law, in the economy, or in the media, it is becoming common-place to blame an entrepreneur for what he has done, what he…

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